Green Waste Skip Hire in Western Suburbs of Melbourne

Green waste, often termed organic waste or garden waste, encompasses biodegradable materials like grass clippings, leaves, pruning’s, and kitchen scraps. Proper disposal of green waste is imperative for several key reasons. It reduces the emission of harmful greenhouse gases, notably methane, which can exacerbate climate change when green waste decomposes in landfills. Methods like composting and mulching significantly mitigate these emissions.

If you’re looking to dispose of green waste, such as garden trimmings, tree branches, and other organic materials, WC Bin Hire has you covered. We offer a range of green waste skip sizes to suit your needs and can provide flexible delivery and pickup times to make your waste removal as easy and convenient as possible.

Responsible disposal by hiring green waste skip bins lessens the pressure on landfills, as green waste constitutes a substantial portion of landfill waste. Recycling green waste into valuable resources like compost and mulch enriches soil, conserves moisture, and enhances plant health. It also aids in erosion control and promotes healthier landscapes. Furthermore, appropriate disposal fosters cleaner and more attractive living environments while reducing the risk of pests and diseases associated with decaying organic matter. Also, our green waste bin hire promotes sustainable landscaping practices, ensuring vibrant, eco-friendly outdoor spaces.

Types of Waste Included in Green Waste Category

Our garden waste skip bins are specifically designed to handle organic waste and are suitable for various green waste types, including leaves, grass clippings, weeds, and more. We also accept tree branches and other wood waste so let us know in advance and we will provide you with the appropriate skip bin.

  • Tree branches/sticks: This category encompasses small and large branches, twigs, and woody plant materials, which can be processed into mulch or compost.
  • Leaves: Fallen leaves from trees and shrubs are considered green waste and are typically composted to create nutrient-rich soil amendments.
  • Shrubbery: Those are trimmings and clippings from bushes and shrubs, usually generated while shaping or pruning garden plants.
  • Woodchips/untreated timber: This involves wood chips and untreated timber, often used in landscaping or mulching, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to chemically treated wood products.
  • Light green waste: Light green waste consists of various small organic materials like weeds, garden debris, and non-woody plant matter, suitable for composting.
  • Soil: While soil may seem out of place, excess soil or dirt removed during landscaping or gardening activities is also considered green waste as it can be repurposed or recycled.

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When you engage our garden waste bin hire service, you can be confident that your waste will undergo environmentally responsible disposal. We are dedicated to sustainability and minimising our ecological footprint. This ensures that your green waste will be repurposed through recycling or composting, whenever feasible.

We can provide you with the necessary safety instructions and guidelines to ensure that your skip bin is loaded safely and efficiently. Suppose you find yourself uncertain about the appropriate skip bin size you require. In that case, our team of experts is readily accessible to offer you valuable insights and recommendations, ensuring you make the most informed choice.

Contact us and book your green waste skip bin and experience hassle-free waste removal in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. We’ll provide a free, customised quote that aligns with your specific requirements. Moreover, we guarantee that your green waste is disposed of in a responsible and eco-friendly manner. To book your skip bin online or to get more information, please call us at 0404 215 977 or email us at

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